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2010 May Rate Factor Review (for 2011)

Public Comment

OHIC is soliciting public comment through June 11, 2010 on requested rate factors to be used by health plans in 2011. Your feedback is important. Please read


Large and Small Group Rate Factor Templates

These documents summarize the health plans' requested rate factor increases by type of service and type of increase (price or utilization) for large and small group business. Projected rates of administrative costs and surplus/profit are also included

     2011 Rate Factor Review Template-Submission for Small Group
     2011Rate Factor Review Template Submission for Large Group

Request for submissions from OHIC

     Guidance letter from OHIC to the plans

Health Plan Submissions

The full health plan rate factor submission received by OHIC.

     BCBSRI Rate Factor Filing
     UHCNE Rate Factor Filing
     UHCNE Rate Filing letter
     Tufts Rate Factor Filing
     Tufts Rate Factor Filing

OHIC analysis of provider contracting practices

OHIC surveyed health plans as part of the OHIC affordability standards. This document summarizes health plans submissions.

     Provider Payment Survey Compilation

Health Plan contributions to RI system improvements

OHIC surveyed plans, consistent with Regulation 2, on their investments in community efforts and collaboratives for health system improvement. Results are tabulated here

     Health System Improvement Summary

Health Plan Administrative Costs

The Health Insurance Advisory Council requested additional information on trends in health plan administrative costs plus health plan responses to specific queries. The results are posted here

     Administrative Costs
     RI Health Plan Administrative Expenses

Analysis of Cost Drivers


Public Comment

     Public Comment Received by OHIC

Final Rate Factor Decision
July 7, 2010

The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC) has issued its decisions regarding the factors health insurance companies in Rhode Island may use in calculating premiums for commercial insurance in 2011. In addition, OHIC has imposed new and significant conditions on health insurer contracts with hospitals in an attempt to slow the rate of health insurance premium increases in the future

     Press Release Rate Factors 2011
      Conditions Summary
     Small Group Rate Factor Review Template
     Large Group Rate Factor Review Template






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