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2011 Health Insurance Rate Factor Review for (2012)

Final Decision Announced

     OHIC Press Release Rate Factors August 1, 2011
     Commissioners 2011 Rate Factor Review August 1, 2011
     Rate Factor Review Template 2012 with approved rates

Public Comment Solicitation

     Call for Public Comment 2011 Commercial Health Ins Rate Factors
     Public meeting agenda June 8, 2011
     Public comments as of 06-10-11

Rate Factors Filed

     2012 Rate Factors Submitted to OHIC updated
     2012 Rate Factor Review Template & Users Guide updated 5-18
     UHCNE Rate Factor Filing
     BCBSRI Rate Factor Filing
     Tufts Health Plan - Rate Factor Filing
     Tufts additional information


OHIC Analysis of Rate Factors Filed

     Cost Driver Analysis
     Health Plan Admin Expense June2011
     Report OHIC Regional Benchmarking
      May 2011 Health System Improvements Survey
     Standards for Rate Factor Review - Evaluation
     2011 Provider Contracting Survey Summary
     June 2011 Analysis of Past performance relative to budget


OHIC has provided the following guidance to the health plans for the annual small and large employer group rate factor filings.

     OHIC Guidance Letter to the Health Plans
     Small and Large Group Rate Filing Template
     Provider Payment Survey
     Administrative Costs Requests
     Health System Improvements - Survey












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