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Be Careful When Purchasing Health Insurance

In the wake of the passage of federal health reform, consumers are reminded to be aware of scam artists attempting to defraud them with phony offers of health insurance. "Consumers should be aware of policies that are time limited, offer limited benefits or advertise themselves as necessitated by health insurance reform" warn federal authorities. OHIC has a number of resources to educate consumers on fake health insurance

FTC Warning Signs - Medical Discount Scams
(external link to Federal Trade Commission )  

Beware Health Care Insurance Scams on the Rise (external link to WPRI 12 News )

      BULLETIN 2010 4 Health Insurance Scams
     Medical Discount Card Fraud
      BULLETIN 2010-5 Health Insurance Liquidation
     Be Careful
     Bulletin 2008-5 Discount Plans
     BULLETIN 2008-5 Discount Plans

Insurance Regulators work to protect consumers from FRAUD (external link to the NAIC)

Colorado Insurance: What Consumers should know(external link)

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