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Improving Primary Care: CSI Project

Primary Care is the only part of the medical system where an increased supply is associated with lower community health care costs and better health care quality. Yet experts acknowledge that our fee for service payment system encourages procedures, discourages prevention and vastly underpays for primary care. Here in Rhode Island we are trying to change that. Under the leadership of the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner, Health Plans are paying more and differently for excellent primary care. Learn more and get recent news here.

Historical Documents 2010-12:

     CSI-RI expansion press release 7 30 12

Deloitte Issue Brief 

     Health Leaders April 26, 2010
     CSI Proof in Practice
     Sen Whitehouse Grant Press Release Nov 17, 2010
     Health Leaders April 26, 2010
     PBN - Chronic Care Sustainability a success
     CSI Proof in Practice
     CSI Proof in Practice
     PBN - Chronic Care Sustainability a success

First Annual CSI-RI Forum: The "Rhode" to the Patient-Centered Medical Home 


     The RI Chronic Care Sustainability Initiative Summary


     Modern Healthcare 112408 CSI RI Story
     NENG All Payor Medical Homes Pilot 11-06-08 Story
     CSI Translating Med Home Principles into a Pmt Pilot


     RQI summary
     RQI Grant Summary

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Improving Primary Care in RI:
The CSI Project

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