For Insurers

To promote transparency and keep insurers informed of all recent developments, OHIC maintains an updated, chronologically-ordered store of all documents generated through its regulatory activity. This can be found in Form and Rate Review. Documents associated with the enforcement of market conduct regulations can be found in Regulations and Monitoring.

Aware that insurers are deeply invested in Rhode Island healthcare reform, OHIC has also provided a list of all recent policy and research reports put out by its researchers and various affiliates in Reform and Policy.

Below, insurers will also find a listing of all recent bulletins and instructions. OHIC uses these materials to communicate directly with insurers regarding highly specific and/or timely matters.

Please note: OHIC is not responsible for broker licensure, nor for the financial regulation of Rhode Island health insurers. To learn more about these issues, please visit the website of Rhode Island's Department of Business Regulation.

Recent Bulletins and Instructions

All Health Insurance Companies doing business in the state of Rhode Island;
Third Party Administrators required to file annual reports under RIGL 27-20.7-14; and
Other interested parties

Bulletin-Public Access-September 2014

Bulletin-Health Care Claims Data-April 10 2014

Bulletin-Group Discount-June 1 2013

Bulletin-Price Transparency-May 2013

Bulletin-Weather related event or disaster-Aug 26 2011