Bulletins, Notices, and Supporting Documents

Bulletins do not have the force and effect of law but are designed to place interested persons on notice of interpretations of statutes that are under the jurisdiction of the Office.

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Effective Date Title
7/21/2020 OHIC Bulletin 2020-05 Coverage for COVID-19 Testing
7/1/2020 OHIC Bulletin 2020-04 [2020 07 01]-Extension of Temporary Emergency BDR Measures
5/27/2020 2020 05 26 - OHIC-EOHHS Preventive Visits Guidance-365-Cal year
5/7/2020 2020 05 07- OHIC-EOHHS Telemedicine Preventive Care Guidance

2020-03-Temporary Emergency Measures Regarding Benefit Determination Review and Network Plans and Health Care Accessibility and Quality Assurance


OHIC Bulletin 2020-02 - Affordability Standards Regulatory Flexibilities to Address Provider Financial and Operational Stability During the COVID-19 State of Emergency

3/20/2020 Insurance Bulletin 2020-01: Emergency Telemedicine Measures to Address the Spread of COVID-19
3/16/2020 Insurance Coverage Instructions During COVID-19 State of Emergency
1/1/2020 Bulletin 2019 -2 Affordability Standards CPI for 2020 (2019 - 10-1)
n/a Bulletin 2018-14-2018 Legislative Changes
1/1/2019 2018-3 Affordability Standards CPI for 2019
1/1/2019 2018-2 Carrier Notices: Renewal and Discontinuance of Plans in the Individual and Small Group Markets
11/25/2018 2018-1 Forms for compliance with Medicare Supplement Insurance Minimum Standards Regulation
10/11/2018 Bulletin Number 2018-5 Forms for compliance with Small Employer Health Insurance Availability
10/11/2018 Bulletin Number 2018-4 Forms for compliance with Prompt Processing of Claims
8/25/2018 Discount Medical Plan Organization Application for Certificate of Registration (Biennial Application)
8/25/2018 Interpretive Guidelines for Rules Governing Advertisements of Medicare Supplement Insurance
1/1/2018 2018 CPI – Urban (Affordability Standards)
7/1/2017 OHIC Aligned Measure Set Interpretive Guidance (Updated 11/3/17)
11/23/2015 Guidance Regarding Prohibited Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Express
4/10/2014 Health Care Claims Data
1/1/2015 Group Rating & Underwriting – Unfair Discrimination
6/1/2013 Health Care Price Transparency
8/26/2011 Weather Related Event or Other Disaster
8/31/2010 Health Insurance Policy Forms with Readability Certification
5/18/2010 Student Health Benefit Plans