Laws, Regulations, and Orders

The Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner ensures that insurance companies selling policies in the state follow Rhode Island and federal law. OHIC issues recommendations, orders, and/or penalties to protect Rhode Islanders in the case where state or federal law is not followed. OHIC also create new regulations and updates current regulations as needed to reflect the most recent developments in healthcare policy, the needs of contemporary consumers, and Rhode Island's constantly-evolving healthcare system.

Enforcing Regulation

Charged with regulating Rhode Island's health insurance market, OHIC investigates insurers' operations and takes action to halt violations of state law. Because OHIC monitors insurers' relationships with consumers, brokers, and providers, its actions have a direct impact on all stakeholders across Rhode Island. Insurer discrimination, excessive fees, and fair treatment of small businesses generally fall under OHIC's regulatory umbrella.

Regulations & Bulletins

Beyond simply enforcing Rhode Island law in individual cases, OHIC adds substance to the law by creating its own market regulations. Based on legislation passed by Rhode Island's legislature, these regulations provide more detail on each law's interpretation and implementation. From requiring insurers to cover nicotine patches, to setting standards for the readability of health insurance forms, OHIC's regulations have a far-reaching impact on Rhode Island's consumers.

Bulletins, Notices, and Supporting Documents

For a full list of OHIC's bulletins, regulations, and documents click here.